• Why

    “You cannot compete externally if you can’t first collaborate internally.” - Jim Tamm

    Collaboration skills are no longer a nice to have...

    In times of increasing complexity and constant change, collaboration skills are no longer a nice to have. They have become a vital asset both for individuals and for organizations. Radical Collaboration, an approach that has been used by many large institutions across the world, invites you to understand yourself better, to check your assumptions about other people, and to transform your relationships by taking them from the Red Zone to the Green Zone.

  • What is it & what motivates you to join this training?

    Radical Collaboration teaches practical methods to significantly improve your skills for building collaborative relationships. These skills can be learned quickly and easily by any individual. Once individuals possess the necessary collaborative skills we can create teams and organisations where collaboration thrives.


    This training is for you if you...

    Want to make a personal commitment to seek mutual gains in your relationships and take responsibility for the full range of choices you make

    Want to be able to create an atmosphere where people feel safe to tell their truth

    Want to know yourself deeply and deal with difficult (inter-)personal issues


    Want to skillfully negotiate your way through inevitable conflict


    “Collaboration is the essence of life.

    The wind, bees and flowers work together, to spread the pollen.

    Mindfulness gives us the opportunity to work with the cosmic collaboration.” 

    Amit Ray

  • how is the training structured? - programme components


    You will...

    discover the FIRO Theory by Will Schutz as well as the Green and Red Zone environments and behaviors on which Radical Collaboration® is based


    You will...

    explore the five essential skills for collaborative success & the interest-based approach to problem solving; obtain an official Radical Collaboration® certificate


    You will...

    try out interest-based negotiations to solve conflicts, practice mindfulness and wellbeing, exchanging best-practices on developing collaborative working environments


    You will...

    increase your self-awareness by learning about your defense mechanisms in order to grow both personally and professionally

  • facilitators

    Alessia Cervone

    Certified Radical Collaboration Trainer // Chief Empowerment Officer at euforia // Co-Founder Recipes for Wellbeing

    Alessia is passionate about unleashing people’s untapped potential through the creation of empowering and collaborative working environments. As a Co-Founder of euforia, she has spent the past 8 years exploring innovative ways of doing and being that will enable ourselves, our economy and society to flourish in the years to come, moving from ego- to eco-systems. She has recently co-founded a new initiative to create a culture of wellbeing in the field of change-making. She is an experiences trainer, facilitator and coach. Alessia is very much looking forward to share and debate all her experiences and discoveries in the field of collaboration and wellbeing with everyone who will join the new training in Berlin.

    Arne Reis

    Certified Radical Collaboration Trainer // HR Consultant and Transformation Facilitator at HRpepper // Co-Founder The Arc Training

    Arne has been fascinated with collaboration ever since he started working in intercultural and interdisciplinary teams as a member of the European Students' Forum AEGEE. For him, finding out about FIRO, one of the core theories of Radical Collaboration, was a major turning point back in 2009. Professionally, this discovery sent him on the path of becoming a trainer, coach, and facilitator who loves working with diverse groups of people. Personally, it helped him understand his strange habit of escaping from clubs and parties without telling his friends. Arne is eager to share this and other collaborative adventure stories with you at the training in Berlin.

  • participation fee

    The Radical Collaboration Training participation fee depends on when you apply for a spot and what your situation is when you apply. These are the fees for the spring 2018 edition:

    • Early bird fee: 500€ for self-paying/non-profit sector participants; 800€ for corporate participants (if your company pays) - FULL
    • Regular fee: 650€ for self-paying/non-profit sector participants; 950€ for corporate participants (if your company pays) - from February 15th 2018

  • practical info

    All you need to know to join the training.

    3 days


    Fri 9am to 7pm

    Sat 9am to 7pm

    Sun 9am to 5pm

    Participation fee

    What's included in the fee?

    The fee covers the training manual & training logistics and has to be paid to confirm your spot.

    Stay where you want

    Course location is at HRpepper Beletage, Tempelhofer Ufer 11, 10963 Berlin

    Your overnight accommodation and main meals are not included. You can find accommodation at a hostel, friends' place, guest room or airbnb


    To make it simple

    FULL refund until 4 weeks prior to the training;

    NO refund in the 4 weeks prior to the training except if you find someone to take your spot

  • registration

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