• Why

    “You cannot compete externally if you can’t first collaborate internally.” - Jim Tamm

    Collaboration skills are no longer a nice to have...

    In times of increasing complexity and constant change, collaboration skills are no longer a nice to have. They have become a vital asset both for individuals and for organizations. Radical Collaboration®, an approach that has been used by many large institutions across the world, invites you to understand yourself better, to check your assumptions about other people, and to transform your relationships and organizations by taking them from the Red Zone to the Green Zone.

  • What This programme is about

    This 3-day course is aimed at executives, leaders and entrepreneurs from all sectors and industries - whether it be corporates, startups, public organizations or NGOs. The programme teaches practical methods to significantly improve your skills for building collaborative relationships at work (and beyond). These skills can be learned by any individual. Once individuals possess the necessary collaborative skills, they can genuinely create teams and organizations where collaboration thrives.


    This training is for you if you...

    want to make a personal commitment to seek mutual gains in your relationships and take responsibility for the full range of choices you make

    lead people, projects or organizations and want to be able to create an atmosphere of psychological safety for those you lead

    want to know yourself deeply and deal with difficult (inter-)personal issues that (may) arise from your way of leading and seeing the world

    are eager to explore a new way of negotiating your way through inevitable conflict


    “Collaboration is the essence of life.

    The wind, bees and flowers work together, to spread the pollen.”

    Amit Ray

  • how the programme is structured


    You will learn about...

    • Five essential skills for collaborative success
    • FIRO Theory on interpersonal preferences by Will Schutz
    • Green, Pink and Red Zone: behaviors and organizational environments
    • Interest-Based Problem Solving


    You will practice...

    • creating collaborative enviroments in which people feel comfortable to speak their truth
    • solving tough issues and creating true win-win solutions with the interest-based approach
    • taking (more) responsibility for the success of your relationships - both personal and professional


    You will enjoy...

    • being part of a diverse, inspiring group of participants who lead people, projects and organizations
    • a safe space for a meaningful exchange on the wicked problems being a leader into today's world entails
    • opportunities to share and collect best practices on developing truly collaborative workspaces


    You will grow by...

    • increasing your self-awareness through feedback and self-reflection 
    • unhooking defense mechanisms that keep causing you trouble
    • obtaining an official Radical Collaboration® certificate that gives you the possibility to attend a trainer certification programme
  • facilitators

    Florian Hoos

    Certified Radical Collaboration® Trainer | Affiliate Professor HEC Paris | Strategy Consultant and Business Coach

    Florian started his career as a number-crunching accounting professor at HEC Paris in 2011. A turning point in his career was when he understood that numbers are just the result of people working together and making decisions. In all of his roles, be it as a Professor at HEC Paris or at MIT, as the director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship at TU Berlin, in his work in customized programmes for top executives up to the C-level, or in his consulting missions with corporations and startups, Florian experienced that it is the human factor that drives competitive advantages. But also satisfaction and happiness at work. For him, Radical Collaboration® combines sophisticated theory and practical applicability unlike no other methodology. In times of change and the VUCA world, it is key that leaders, but actually everyone in an organization, contributes to a collaborative environment, where conflicts can be solved quickly and constructively, and the right decisions are made swiftly – not necessarily from the top, but by the person who has the best information to make them.

    Arne Reis

    Certified Radical Collaboration® Trainer | Agile Coach, Transformation Facilitator and Consultant

    Arne has been fascinated with collaboration ever since he started working in intercultural and interdisciplinary teams as a member of the European Students' Forum AEGEE more than 15 years ago. For him, finding out about FIRO, one of the core theories of Radical Collaboration®, was a major turning point back in 2009. Professionally, this discovery sent him on the path of becoming an Agile coach, transformation facilitator, and consultant who loves working with diverse groups of people on complex organizational challenges. Arne spent the past five years leading projects and teams in different management and leadership consultancies, In January 2020, he created his own business, where he specializes in promoting self-organization and collaboration to create more human-centric workplaces. Personally, FIRO helped him understand his strange habit (a.k.a. "defense mechanism") of escaping from clubs and parties without telling his friends. Arne is eager to share this and other collaborative adventure stories with you at the training in Berlin.

  • participation fee

    Early bird fee (until September 27): 1,200 € for self-paying participants; 1,800 € if your employer pays.

    Regular fee (from September 28): 1,500 € for self-paying participants; 2,250 € if your employer pays.

    Please note: VAT (16%) will be added to your respective rate. Payment needs to be received by September 27 (for early bird), and no later than October 10 for regular fees. Otherwise, your place in the training cannot be guaranteed.

  • practical info

    The programme will be held in English. It is planned as an in-person event in Berlin, Germany. However, the organizers reserve the right to convert it into a digital format, should the COVID-19 situation cause new restrictions. Some other useful details:

    3 days


    Sat, Nov 7: 9 am to 6:30 pm

    Sun, Nov 8: 9 am to 6:30 pm

    Mon, Nov 9: 9 am to 5:30 pm


    It's important that you can attend the entire duration of the course.

    Participation fee

    What's included in the fee?

    The fee covers all training materials, as well as snacks and beverages. Payment needs to be received by September 15 (for early bird), and no later than October 10 for regular fees. Otherwise, your place in the training cannot be guaranteed.

    Stay where you want

    Course location is at
    LEAD Academy gGmbH, Leuschnerdamm 13, 10999 Berlin

    Your overnight accommodation and main meals are not included. If you are not from Berlin, please arrange your stay accordingly.


    To make it simple

    Your participation fee can be FULLY refunded if you cancel more than 4 weeks prior to the training.

    There will be NO refund if you cancel in the final 4 weeks leading up to the course (except if you find someone to take your spot).

  • registration

    In order to sign up you just need to fill in this short application form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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