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"Recently, I had the opportunity to talk to Jim Tamm, one of the authors of Radical Collaboration. At the end of an inspiring training course in Jacksonville, Florida, Jim agreed to have an extensive interview with me on how to bring collaboration, participation and, potentially, democracy into organizations. As a former judge turned consultant, Jim has decades of experience working with public and private sector entities. He explains his approach vividly in his TEDx talk.

Arne: Jim, what is the biggest misconception people have on the topic of collaboration?

Jim Tamm: I think it’s that people feel that in order to be effective, they need to be tough. It’s a misconception that being collaborative is not being tough. In fact, to be good at collaboration, you need to be able to set very clear boundaries. It’s very assertive, there’s nothing passive about being collaborative. It can be very hard work to create a “Green Zone” environment, which is one that is more highly skilled in collaboration, and more effective in relationships."

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